TIGTA warns taxpayers to be on alert for IRS scammers


The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration cautioned taxpayers to stay on “high alert” next tax season so they don’t fall prey to criminals who pretend to be employees of the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department.

TIGTA Inspector General J. Russell George noted pointed to progress in investigating and prosecuting IRS impersonators, who have stolen more than $61 million from taxpayers since 2013. So far, TIGTA investigations have led to federal charges against more than 90 people. In October 2016, authorities named 56 people in the U.S. and India and five call centers in India in a sweeping federal indictment, accusing them of taking part in the IRS impersonation scam and other frauds. The following month, the last of the 24 U.S.-based defendants pleaded guilty.

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